Student of the Month : Johannes Gerssen

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Johannes start to practice HOT Yoga with us in september 2014. At first he was quite shy, in class he was very attentive to the teacher instructions, he got this kind of cool but very centre attitude when practicing, which is very intriguing to observe. Because of his work schedule he has been on and off, but the time he was on, he is really IN the zone of learning as much as he can. Been naturally shy but always very polite, i do remember very clearly the day he said more then 2 words to me after class and was ¨I FEEL SO HAPPY I CAN NOT STOP SMILLING¨. From that moment onwards he start to enquire more, willing to step up, unpretentiously and with that uniquiness of tenacity. In my humble opinion, i do believe every single Yogi & Yogini will have that one (or many) special moment, after a class, where he/she have the absolute joy, because body/mind/soul clic into the same frequency which creates the perfect synergy…. We know he will leave soon cause of his work,  but we also know he will take with him all the instructions was gaven, and apply into his practice wherever here is. AND we also know he will come back to HOT Yoga Mallorca for more and more and more 🙂 On behalf of Hot Yoga Mallorca team I happily can say : WE are very proud of you Johannes, keep up. With Love Lucciana & team. TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF. My name is Johannes, i am 38 years old and i come from Holland. As for my profession i am a marine engeneer and sailor, reason i do come to Palma de Mallorca. Some of my hobbies are  kite, Surf, Diving, Sailing, Motorbike riding and off course Yoga, which was introduce to me by a collegue and now is one of my favorite activities.  WHEN DID YOU FIRST START TO PRACTICE HOT YOGA & HOW OFTEN DO YOU PRACTISE? My first class was 4 years ago, here in Palma a Vinyasa class, then i was based in California for 3 month where i did my first Hot Vinyasa,  then to San Diego and San Franscico i found Hot Yoga studios where i could pratice. I do remember the first few classes, very good but i walked out a few times, cause was very challenged BUT the feeling afterwards was so rewarding, i become hooked.  My job allow me to travel to diffeent countries and practice in different studios, however sometimes I can not go to class for like 2 months because of work/travels and then it feels like i got to start all over again…. WHAT ARE THE PHYSICAL BENEFITS FOR YOU? I used to have back and chest pain but since HOT Yoga not anymore. I sleep so much better and i am much more focus during the day, with plenty  energy. My whole body just work so much better. BUT most important is that makes me feel so good, i feel happy and i do enjoy life much more. WHAT ARE THE ASANAS WHICH CHALLENGE YOU THE MOST AND WHY? I struggle with Standing Head to Knee, maybe because my lower back is not as flexible as I would like to be. Also Cobra, Locust, Full Locust and Bow , the floor series, as i had a broken rib last year, so i dont feel i can give the poses all i want it… BUT the REAL challenge for me is Savasana, to empty my mind and be still  THAT is challenging. WHAT IS THE MOST ENJOYABLE ASANA FOR YOU AND WHY? Actually i like all of them, because every class is different to me and i am aware of the improvements in different asanas, in all classes. Although i like the standing series, because the the body still has good energy, and i  think i can improve the most with them. TELL US ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE AT HOT YOGA MALLORCA, ANY SPECIAL MOMENT YOU WANT TO SHARE? My experience in HOT Yoga Mallorca is always very pleasant, the staff and students are very friendly. The studio has different classes and sometimes different teachers. Owner and teacher Lucciana is very patient, she takes the time to show the correct way to do an asana, and if you listen well during class, there is always a personal hint to improve your practice/pose. Even now after 2 years i still remember the corrections i was given and i apply them in my practice. SPECIAL MOMENT, and memorable moments are the progress i have made, things that once i thought i would never achieve, that is the beauty of Yoga there is always a challenge… WOULD YOU RECOMEND HOT YOGA MALLORCA? Is a great studio where i made a lot of progress in my practice and i hope i can always come back to practice at HOT Yoga Mallorca.