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  • As a visiting Bikram teacher practiced this am at bikramyoga mallorca fabulous studio visiting palma mallorca make the effort to get to class you will leave feeling wonderful ... Nameste
    Karen O'Connor // Jersey, Channel Islands
  • I'd like to testify my 7 days trial experience with Hot Bikram Mallorca: It was an amazing week of meditation, concentration and self benefits. My skin looks better and I can breath deep and feel relaxation. My body is visibly skinny and detox. Hope every body could try and feel good as I feel it! Thank you Bikram Yoga Mallorca! I loved it!
    Luís Gustavo Da Freiria // Anhembi Morumbi
  • Great classes & amazing workout!
    Coco A. Achinger // Unternehmerin
  • Teach in bikram yoga Mallorca it has been one of the most beautiful experience I've ever had. Amazing energy! Beautiful studio, the students are strong and very kind. They make me feel at home. And Mallorca...one of the best places in the world to be. I have no words! My friends, I'm gonna miss you a lot!! Thank you all! Ramiro and Lucci... thanks for everything! Keep doing the things with the same love and dedication. You guys are great! LOVE XX
    Irene Mingorance
  • Love it!!
    Emelie Ekstrand
  • Einfach genial!!!
    Marcela Agudelo Salazar
  • Amazing, Energetic & Caring teacher call Lucciana . Thank you….
    Michelle Neves
  • Muchas gracias por todo!!!
    Alessandra Amy Elizabeth Ross
  • Sensacional
    Marian Rossello
  • Great classes & amazing workout!
    Coco A. Achinger
  • When I arrive to the studio I feel good, when I leave it I feel better.
    Koromoto Akatsuka

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    Student of the Month : Johannes Gerssen

    Johannes start to practice HOT Yoga with us in september 2014. At first he was quite shy, in class he was very attentive to the teacher instructions, he got this kind of cool but very centre attitude when practicing, which is very intriguing to observe. Because of his work schedule he has been on and...
  • in studients @en

    Student of the Month : Marco Lozano

    Has been practising with us for the last 2 years, we like to call him Marquito cause he is one of those cheerful students which always bright up the studio on his arrival with his contagious smile… Everyone knows Marco and also participate on his beautiful journey of health transformation, loosing an amazing 15 kilos...
Emmy Cleaves