We are in a privileged place where you can park your vehicle completely free, alternative services such as supermarket, hairdressers etc is all around. 400m2 at your service, our studio brings you healthy heat system with abundance of fresh oxygen and a hygienic floor, protected against bacterias with a none-absorbent flooring, where cleanliness and disinfection are essential to the practice of Hot Yoga. We have a spacious changing rooms with Free lockers and showers with organic soap dispensers. A great selection of articles related to Hot Yoga, book, mats, towels, woman wear from top brand LaLucci is also available. Our Brazilian Juice Bar you can find, coconut water (VitaCoco), Brazilian natural juices, organic/raw bars and electrolytes for replacement of potassium, magnesium and sodium (very important for HOT Yoga practitioners). In HOT YOGA Mallorca you find yogis and yoginis from all around the world, where you can share experiences, wisdom and great laugh too. The team of HOT YOGA Mallorca invites you to visit our facilities and enjoy a memorable time. Apart of been a stylish studio, we do strive for hard work and also very importantly a loving and friendly ambiance. Heal your mind and body, become a better person to others and yourself. Namaste.