30 Days Challenge = Every day for 30 consecutive days

  • This challenge will push you to the next level and you will see amazing results afterwards.
  • You can start whenever is convenient for you, as everybody has different commitments is quite difficult to start all together, but if you have a friend which is willing to follow the road towards awesomeness with you THAT is even greater, as we believe  Joy shared is Joy double.
  • All you got to do is let the reception knows and we will put your name on the Challenge Board and all you got to do is to tick off after every class done.
  • If you miss 1 class you can do double next day, BUT that can only happen once a week.
Always there is students doing the challenge at the studio, so is great to chat about your experience with your fellows yogis and yoginis, give and receive encouragement and support, we all need that sometimes.


  • Electrolytes are very important in you daily practice, make sure you add in you water or drink coconut water afterwards.
  • Don’t come on an empty stomach, specially after a long day at work.
  • Make sure you had a light snack 2 hours before class, or a banana 30 minutes before class also helps.
  • We also have an amazingly healthy Raw Bars at the reception, eat half-bar before class and the other half after class, that keep your metabolism working properly and healthily.
  • Don’t push yourself to an extreme, but YES push yourself to the point where you can feel the stretch of your muscles in a flow intensity.
Keep a positive mindset, and remember this work in for YOU and nobody else, the benefits are immeasurable, there is no better feeling in this world then make peace with yourself through YOGA.


Please email our director Lucciana Pereira at [email protected] with your full name and challenge date, so your name will add to our website and a certification will be give to you.

Have Fun & Good Luck to all of you in advance

Lucciana Pereira - Director