Johannes start to practice HOT Yoga with us in september 2014. At first he was quite shy, in class he was very attentive to the teacher instructions, he got this kind of cool but very centre attitude when practicing, which is very intriguing to observe. Because of his work schedule he has been on and

Alumna del Mes: Aita Mir Ferrer

Bikram Hot Yoga Mallorca quiere agradecer a  Aita por su dedicación y constancia. Desde el primer día ha demostrado ganas de aprender y su practica ha ido avanzando por su actitud y respeto a la indicaciones de los profesores. Y siempre es un placer tener alumnos que tienen ganas de aprender. ¿CUÁNDO EMPEZASTE A PRACTICAR HOT YOGA? Llevo practicando  poco
Has been practising with us for the last 2 years, we like to call him Marquito cause he is one of those cheerful students which always bright up the studio on his arrival with his contagious smile… Everyone knows Marco and also participate on his beautiful journey of health transformation, loosing an amazing 15 kilos
  ” The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention ” Oscar Wilde We at Bikram HOT Yoga Mallorca can only be Grateful for 2014 & by all means, because We ignore the bad & YES liberate the Good. We dont bother in get upset, but YES share the Joy, as